2022 Learning Goals

With my goals from 2020 still hanging on the wall staring at me shamefully, I am taking the initative to start getting 2022 in order. Taking a chance with a new role in 2020, I have found a re-kindling of my love for learning and discoverying new technology. In this new role I have had to learn a number of new technologies; Azure DevOps, Github Actions, Git and branch management, Azure machine learning, Bicep and ARM template deployment... It has been quite the year for professional improvement! Looking back throughout the year at all I have learned and accomplished I am proud of the growth I have made, but also see the potential for improving the process.

Time Management

Everyday I catch myself checking my phone looking for news, tweets or just doom scrolling. I literally checked my phone 3 times while writing this post. For 2022 I aim to limit distraction that can waste time that is not productive. Limiting the phone to break times (I try to stick to 25 minute pomodoros during the work day) will help to keep my focus on my tasks for day. It will also remove the stress from the illusion of a lack of time during the day.

Develop a better training Syllabus